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Errm theres a better way in this case. Use the potion to kill either a 3 headed hydra in the swamp south of bree, or, if you are more adventurous, a young dragon in the wilderness at the Angband entrance. Youll level up to ~20.

Increase alchemy and prayer. The latter gives you access to (among other things) mana school. Buy a beginner cantrip book, which has some useful spells and most importantly mana thrust. From here, you can kill stuff yourself and the first house quest in Bree is very doable.

To get the money rolling, buy a few scrolls of light, extract their essences and empower your initial torches; sell the ego torches for ~2k apiece.

Edit: Spell failure is determined by your level and intelligence. Also, you worship Eru who dislikes his followers wielding non-blunt weapons; your 25% is, I suspect, a consequence of you wielding the dagger.

More edit: do NOT invest in magic schools directly; alchemists get access to them all, but at a ridiculously low rate of 0.1 per point. It would take you 100 points to get the school up to a measly 10 that way. Eru prayer gives access to mana, divination and mind.

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