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My setup for the current competition:
- create the potion of detonations
- wait for day time, go north of bree to one of the mountain tiles
- move up/down to the neighboring plain until you generate a mature dragon + a friendly eagle (Thorondor, Meneldor...)
- let the eagle do the fightning, once the dragon is below half health, dismiss the eagle and throw your potion -- you should be level 25/26 now
- go back to bree, max out Alchemy and Prayer, buy a book of Beginner Cantrips for Manathrust/Sense Monsters/Sense Hidden, a book of See the Music for mapping and a book of Identify
- do the early quests (maggot/thieves) and Barrow Downs
- go to gondolin
- scum bree/gondolin shops forever until you can actually play: as mentioned, buy crap, make good things, sell them for money, buy useful stuff with it

Then probably die of boredom...
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