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My strategy branches off after throwing the !oD at a dragon (I just kill a young one, so I don't need an eagle).

Then I get some cash by making torches of fearlessness. I also always check for exploding ammo in the weapon, supply, and black market. These can be enchanted with the poison flag and then sell for 20K or more each. A big batch can bring in 500K in gold.

I do the Bree home quest so I have someplace to store essences. Then I go to the mushroom patch, kill the dogs, and scum a big pile of 'rooms. I bring these back, extract them, and store 99 of each. I may need more of poison and confusion so I make a wand of each and recharge it with all those. I also save extra darkness (for genocide/MG) and magic.

I fool around in Bree and the hills east of town until I have some passable equipment. Then I dive the Orc Cave and/or Old Forest looking for markets (this one had two in the OC). My #1 priority is a potion store to raise my stats, especially DEX. Next is a jewelry store. I do the Orc Cave quest to get the guaranteed boost to DEX, and if I am lucky I am now over 32 and can steal light items with impunity. I loot a potion store, quaffing gain stat potions until I am maxed out. I also learn all the potion recipes. I also quaff experience and store extra healing essences to make more. That will usually get me to the low 30s.

Then I buy a stack of ? of summon unmoving pet and tp to Paths of the Dead 69. I find a safe spot and then read the scrolls and arrange it so that I can safely kill each pet. Druj are great for this. This will get me into the 40s without much trouble.

If I am *sure* that I am safe, I will use any greater Qs to summon pets and then have them drop their loot. That will get me a collection of artifacts and useful recipes.

Then it is time to hit the dungeons and quests. I ignore most of them- I kill the Neromancer, tp to the various dungeon bosses and kill them, then do Mt Doom and Angband. I tp'ed to each of the princess quests, but normally I would have unusual rooms on for an alchemist and not have any.
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