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Originally Posted by Yottle View Post
My strategy branches off after throwing the !oD at a dragon (I just kill a young one, so I don't need an eagle).

Then I get some cash by making torches of fearlessness. I also always check for exploding ammo in the weapon, supply, and black market. These can be enchanted with the poison flag and then sell for 20K or more each. A big batch can bring in 500K in gold.

I do the Bree home quest so I have someplace to store essences. Then I go to the mushroom patch, kill the dogs, and scum a big pile of 'rooms. I bring these back, extract them, and store 99 of each. I may need more of poison and confusion so I make a wand of each and recharge it with all those. I also save extra darkness (for genocide/MG) and magic.

I fool around in Bree and the hills east of town until I have some passable equipment. Then I dive the Orc Cave and/or Old Forest looking for markets (this one had two in the OC). My #1 priority is a potion store to raise my stats, especially DEX. Next is a jewelry store. I do the Orc Cave quest to get the guaranteed boost to DEX, and if I am lucky I am now over 32 and can steal light items with impunity. I loot a potion store, quaffing gain stat potions until I am maxed out. I also learn all the potion recipes. I also quaff experience and store extra healing essences to make more. That will usually get me to the low 30s.

Then I buy a stack of ? of summon unmoving pet and tp to Paths of the Dead 69. I find a safe spot and then read the scrolls and arrange it so that I can safely kill each pet. Druj are great for this. This will get me into the 40s without much trouble.

If I am *sure* that I am safe, I will use any greater Qs to summon pets and then have them drop their loot. That will get me a collection of artifacts and useful recipes.

Then it is time to hit the dungeons and quests. I ignore most of them- I kill the Neromancer, tp to the various dungeon bosses and kill them, then do Mt Doom and Angband. I tp'ed to each of the princess quests, but normally I would have unusual rooms on for an alchemist and not have any.
It is certainly possible to play the alchemist with zero risk like that (and kudos, killing nevermoving pets for XP hadnt occured to me). The issue here is turncounts; when starting the competition, I was under the impression that those mattered, but it seems ToME doesnt have the option to count, or otherwise I wouldnt know why they arent listed.
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