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Antoine-- I'd be happy to make a mini-release.
As i mentioned in a different thread, there are a few pet peeves I have about Quickband.
* Stealth is always shown in red on the character page
* No id-by-use
* Failure to exit cleanly on Windows
* Weapon damage info doesn't apply for ammo, bows.
* Charisma has too much effect on prices for a stat fixed to starting value.
* start without ?recall is annoying, and encourages timid play, especially for "Kingly" characters.
* Brigand & rogue should start with a sling. I end up quitting when there isn't one in the weapons shop.
* !CCW isn't quite common enough in shop.
* Limit in character level should be less than 50, and not just for high elf. Maybe 32?

I won't be making the changes right away; I need a little more feel for the game first.
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