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Errm, if all those suggestions apply to WoD, who in their right mind would ever use it ?

What is it good for ? Not an escape, since it puts you at 1hp/stuns you etc; not a way to kill monsters because it destroys the items and doesnt give xp; as it was, I used it as last escape if the situation was beyond hope otherwise (prefering all other escapes that dont change layout), or very early in the (extremly rare) case that I had a scroll and a GV with no means to otherwise handle it, or very late when I was about ready to fight M but happened on some vault without anything inside looking promising (like rod of healing), to check for artifacts, or in the last fight to get rid of mass summons after having ported M away. On average, Id guess I might have used it 2 or 3 times per playthrough and dont see any reason for it to change.
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