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I see people using summoning stuff way too much. As a mage it is particularly irresponsible, since you work so much better at range than in melee, and your primary advantage over other classes is knowing what you will fight and being able to prepare for it, which you can't do with summoning.

More importantly, though, summoning is bad for every single character. It is strictly worse than simply running around fighting everything you see, since it provides less stuff, which means it fails to defeat even the dumbest strategy. It is also worse than staying on the level for an excessive amount of time waiting for spawns, since it provides less information about what you will fight. In reality, it is also likely to force you into a terrible fight that you would ordinarily have been able to avoid through stealth and detection, as you found out.

There are precisely two situations in which I can imagine someone wanting to use Summon stuff, and they are if you really really want to fight some Undead (but why?), or if you have a limited amount of total XP around to gain (High-Elf Mage with force descent?), though even then, Wand of Clone Monster is just so much better.
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