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I have two friends who want to say something...

"Helo, me Gruk, halfe troll wariaur, and me not hapy becauz I canaut kil monsseters wiz bigge club giffte frome treibe chiffetin. Mett tini elffe, gave Gruk tini tini dagerre to kil monsseters. Gruk fill veri stoupide. Pliz hellpe Gruk."

"Greetings, gentlemen. My name is Eleth, and I'm a half-elf mage, looking for fame in the world of Angband. I came here with my master's gift, a splendid jewelled dagger, which I planned to use against the monsters while waiting for my mana pool to replenish. After some unfortunate encounters which almost cost my life, I've decided to ask for advice from the local blacksmith. He told me I should get something more adapted to melee combat, so I spotted another adventurer like me and asked him if he could trade his weapon with mine. It took two hours before he finally understood what I was asking, but I managed to exchange my precious dagger for his barbaric mace. This is ridiculous... how am I supposed to kill enemies with a weapon I can barely lift? Any help would be deeply appreciated..."

Hmm I think my two friends have a point here...

Oh yes, just got a call from a third friend. He's also in deep trouble:
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