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Morgoth goes down in the very first round!

Galadriel, the High-Elven Priestess vs. Morgoth, Lord of Darkness

Galadriel struggled to improve her hit point position, but never found the big contributors of Elros or Thorin. She defeated Sauron at Cl46 with just 776 hp. Soon thereafter, she killed the Mouth of Sauron and Feagwath, the Undead Sorcerer, whereupon Feagwath dropped Deathwreaker!

Armed with this fabulous weapon, Galadriel began hunting down uniques. Gorbag, Maeglin, Hoarmurath of Dir, Vecna, the Emperor Lich, Qlzqqlzuup, the Emperor Quylthulg, Arien, Maia of the Sun, Radagast the Brown, Mim, Betrayer of Turin, Cantoras the Skeletal Lord, and Osse, Herald of Ulmo all fell to Deathwreaker.

Despite sweeping so many uniques after her battle with Sauron, Galadriel was only up to Cl48 with only 789 hp. High-Elves gain experience so slowly (and her hit point rolls must have been pathetic). Nonetheless, she decided to attack Morgoth out of sheer boredom!

Wielding Sting when she arrived at Dl100, Galadriel cast Clairvoyance and saw a skull room.“What are the chances Morgoth is stuck in that skull vault,” she thought.

Sure enough, after stealthily and swiftly working her way across the dungeon to the skull room, Galadriel spied Morgoth. She never found her own Ring of Power, but Gandalf kindly loaned her his Ring of Power. So with Narya, Power Dragon Scale Mail, Deathwreaker, Belthronding and Holy Might Arrows, Galadriel worked her way into the nose of the skull. Perfect position to take on the Big Boss! He had to stand right in front of her and go toe to toe.

Standing on a Glyph of Warding, Galadriel donned Deathwreaker and buffed up just in time to take on Morgoth in the title bout.

Round 1 Compubox Numbers


Summon servants 3; Summon ringwraiths 1; Summon ancient dragons 1; Summon fiends of darkness 1;Psionic Blast 3; Ball of nether 1; Bolt of raw magic 2; Storm of raw magic 3;

Blows-- 13 hits, 16 misses; 6 touches; earthquakes 3; break RoP 7;


Seeker Arrows of Holy Might (4d4) (+23,+24) 19 hits, 8 misses; Mithril Arrows of Holy Might (3d4) (+23,+26) 17 hits, 8 misses;

Blows-- 53 hits, 14 critical hits, 30 misses;

?Rune of Protection 1, ?Banishment 1; ?Mass Banishment 1; !Healing 3; !*Healing* 6; !Restore Mana 2
TO Huan, Wolf Hound of the Valar; earthquake crushes Lagduf
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