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I've thought quite a bit about player invisibility also, and I've had some questions about how it's implemented in variants that use it.

1) What levels of awareness do monsters have? I can think of the following. a) asleep. b) awake but unaware of @'s existence. c) awake, aware of @'s existence, but not where @ currently is on the level. d) awake, aware of @ being nearby, but not exact location. e) awake, knowledgeable of @'s current location. Maybe there are others too?

2) Is invisibility binary, or can it have an associated skill level? If binary, do certain monsters have the see invisible skill? If not, do monsters use a separate statistic beside the awareness stat?

3) Will monsters attack an invisible monster if they can't see it? For example, an orc without the ability to see invisible wants to get to @ but there's a poltergeist in the square between. The orc shouldn't know of the ghost's existence, so it should try to move into that square, at which point it should attack the square. If this isn't the case, would it change if @ was invisible too and the orc tried to move into a square with an invisible monster?

4) Do monsters have the telepathy skill in the same way that @ does? In which case, invisibility is obsolete when telepathic monsters start showing up.
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