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Not that you need advice... but, you are missing armor in your initial calculation (guess because you started thinking about it with Angrist), in general two-weaponing has armor subtracted from each damage roll, the one big subtle hit with multiple crits only once. And in late game you can take down non-armored opponents with any build - the only problem are (magic/breath and) armored opponents most of all big V. (Reminder that both Song of Sharpness and Woven Themes were nerfed in later versions of Sil while V was buffed.)

Also, your comparisons with Angrist: against truly unarmored opponents even a plain shortsword is better. (1d8 / +5.5 > 1d5 / +4.5) Now in the throneroom you are usually buffed, singing Song of Slaying or get another bonus (concentration). So you are more likely fighting at +50 than +30. If you think exclusively about the bonus damage per additional point of melee, Angrist is not standing out as a particularly good weapon for subtlety, in fact it is not better than a 2lb longsword in bonus damage and worse when used with only finesse. (It is still a very good weapon due to the huge flat bonus equal to enemy armor you receive, but just not a good weapon to decide whether subtlety is viable.)

Precision benefit (w/ subtlety):

Longsword (2lb): 1d7 / +6 (=2/3)
Angrist: 1d5 / +4.5 (=2/3)
Shortsword (1d7, 1.5lb): 1d8 / +5.5 (=9/11)
Galadriel (1d8, 2lb): 1d10 / 6 (=11/12)
Custom Shortsword (1d8, 1lb): 1d9 / +5 (=1)
Deathblade (1d9, 2lb): 1d11 / +6 (=1) (Deathblades are really that good!)

Precision benefit (only finesse):

Angrist: 1d5 / +6.5 (=6/13)
Longsword: 1d7 / +8 (=1/2)
Shortsword: 1d8 / +7.5 (=3/5)
Galadriel: 1d10 / +8 (=11/16)
Custom Shortsword: 1d9 / +7 (=5/7)
Deathblade: 1d11 / +8 (=3/4)
Spear (2handed, 3 STR): 1d14 / 9 (=5/6)

Fwiw, in the no-sharpness kills of Morgoth none used two-weaponing, while both heavy weapon (with extreme strength), medium blunt weapons (with momentum) and light weapons (with critical hits) have happened afair.

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