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Well, I was saying Angrist gains less from precision than other weapons so there must be a point where other weapons become better than Angrist. That point is higher the higher the enemy armor is, but should nonetheless be in reach in the final fights. (As it is in your plain Angrist vs. Deathblade comparison - any melee bonus on the deathblade would tip it into its favour. And while in rage building the slaying bonus you only have a single attack per enemy anyway as far as I remember.)

I miss a line for rapid attack deathblade and afaik subtlety works on both attacks. In optimal conditions (strength potion so you don't lose most of the rapid attack benefit) 1d13/+6 w. average 4.5 crits = 5.5*7*2 - 15*2 = 47 vs. 1d6/+4.5 w. average 6 crits = 7*3.5*2 = 49 - so fairly close to each other. Any bonus to melee (fairly common in deathblades) not present in Angrist, slaying bonus peaking any higher or any benefit from a minor theme Song of Sharpness could tip the balance in favour of the deathblade.

My easiest time in the throneroom was once with a deathblade. I even forgot to turn on Rapid Attack (although I sang Sharpness 1st + Slaying 2nd).

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