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Originally Posted by TheQuest View Post
You should still post it, I think, hopefully Elliptic could use it in his ElliPosChengband
Well, here then; (Edit: It appears that spoilers cannot nest here, or have labeling, and so are less useful for organization.)
The advent of got me playing the current version of Poschengband again (instead of procrastinating on reading and accepting/rejecting every commit since 4.0.0), and as a result I have accumulated thoughts on the variant; they are organized by bugs, maybe-errors (irregularities), and requests for conspicuously missing features, in that order. (Edit: Originally also had a Perspectives section, but that was basically a bunch of ranting at chris for his design philosophy before I realized what he was doing.)

Bug list:
  • For at least Possessors, the startpoint of the Pattern behaves like a wall instead of allowing a character to start walking the Pattern, displaying the message "There is a Pattern startpoint blocking your way.". Similarly, the other parts of the pattern display "There is a section of the Pattern blocking your way." instead of the expected "You must start walking the Pattern from the startpoint.".
  • The behavior when getting items from the Home or a shop while inventory is full has regressed; instead of not getting the item and giving an error, it gets the item, exits the building, and drops the item on the ground.

Irregularity list:
  • The help text for ironman_rooms should probably say "makes the game harder, but faster" since there are a lot more opportunities to get insta-killed but you can level faster and get good loot sooner.
  • If you manage to get a Vampire monster body, you cannot wield a light source; this is strange, because almost all the darkness-producing items in the game take up the light source slot.

FR list:
  • There is no possible Wis-based pure-caster that can have Nature as it's primary realm. Put simply; there is no Druid class. (Along a similar vein, the Ranger class can't have Craft as its secondary realm, but perhaps that is intentional for some reason.)
  • The game implies there is an Orc race, but that race isn't available anywhere.
It's not nearly done, as you can see, and it doesn't include other things that go on my to-do list, such as the Nanite race.

Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
When is a good time to read scrolls of acquirement
I always try to save them for a deep level, and my character always dies before I read them
I generally call them "scrolls of Disappointment" and Artifact Creation "honorary scrolls of Disappointment"; you might get better loot for bringing them to Olympus or whatever, but practically speaking it's just delaying the time you get a single piece of loot. It isn't worth the attention, and at the time I get them I usually just sell them, since their score is high enough to always sell for max shop price.

Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
Can anything cunning be done with scrolls and staffs of summon monster, I always just destroy them
If you play a race like Balrog or Vampire, a high-charge staff can function as a Staff of Food. Also, if you have a low-level melee character, the extra targets mean you don't have to hunt them down.

Edit: Also these questions, for you Mocht;
Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
(1) Are random dungeons still implemented, I haven't seen one in a while
They are, so long as you're loading sections of forest, water, or mountain. If you want to force one to appear, get on a loading boundary triggering one of those areas and hop back and forth until you get a "found something interesting" while going in the right direction.

Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
(2) How do vampiric weapons work
Is the amount of life drained a percentage of the damage inflicted, or is it more complicated than that
I skimmed the code, and it looks like it's a roll with sides based on how much damage was done, with a couple multipliers for being a Vampire, using a Hex blade vampiric effect, and having a particular mutation. Also, of course, the target needs to be Living, but you probably already knew that.

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