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Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
Gnome mages can teleport you away, more monsters can summon, the guy at the bottom of stronghold can now summon uniques, this is a huge change
Is it just me, or have the drops improved as well

I think I have found a bug
Trying to autodestroy cursed ammo, it doesn't work and in the autodestroyer commands it says that I want to destroy good ammo

Are sappers more deadly now
Is dazed a new status ailment
Could door mimics paralyze before

Telepathy is less informative
Welcome to the world of PosChengband!

I'm not sure if the drops improved that much since I always play my staple Tonberry Skillmaster combo every time. The increased summoning is kind of new - it was toned in the version 2.x - 3.x days. The dazed ailment is a light player stun - Chris had changed the player stunning mechanics a bit. And yes, monsters can banish you away.

Sappers and packs are more dangerous now. I don't recall if Door mimics could paralyze befofre. The less-informative-telepathy is new and forces more strategy on the player.
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