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Since this was done on, there was chat, and since I was present, I saved the chat. Here is the section from entering the throneroom to victory in an organizational spoiler;
[12:51] Quirk: might have enough XP to just buy another Song point
[12:52] Nivim: Already have Exchange?
[12:52] Quirk: well, they won't attack just yet anyway
[12:52] Quirk: yeah
[12:52] Quirk: I do
[12:52] Quirk: on my armour
[12:52] Nivim: While they're not attacking you want to put them asleep so they don't get in your way as easily.
[12:52] Quirk: Okay. I think I want to quaff some potions now, nose a little closer to get Morgoth asleep
[12:53] Quirk: then retreat here and sound the horn
[12:53] Nivim: Not at an angle like last time?
[12:53] Quirk: I considered the angle last time but ended up doing it from here
[12:53] Quirk: and it was fine, Lorien shut things down fairly well
[12:54] Nivim: You have as much Song as you did then?
[12:54] Quirk: If I buy another point and drink my potions, yes
[12:54] Nivim: I would explore the room a bit first; check for gorthaur or the like.
[12:55] Quirk: would be good to know if he's here, for sure
[12:55] Nivim: Not all the *s have shown up.
[12:55] Quirk: Ungoliant this time.
[12:55] Nivim: Not Fast?
[12:55] Quirk: Doesn't look like it.
[12:56] Nivim: I guess I'm remember another spider.
[12:56] Nivim: s/ber/bering/
[12:56] Nivim: Will the side hallways and rooms matter?
[12:56] Quirk: I'll try to avoid them because they're too easily blocked.
[12:57] Nivim: And if you're unlucky and the main path gets blocked when you cut a Sil?
[12:57] Quirk: I'll do some scouting now I think
[12:57] Nivim: Horay.
[12:57] Quirk: since everything looks properly asleep
[12:58] Quirk: well shit
[12:58] Quirk: Need woven themes at least
[12:58] Nivim: What was that Morgoth's Will thing?
[12:58] Quirk: yeah
[12:58] Nivim: I didn't catch the line; did he wake up?
[12:58] Quirk: he woke up and began a song of piercing
[12:58] Nivim: Ouch.
[12:58] Quirk: that catches me I'm in trouble
[12:59] Nivim: Time to buy stuff and fix that.
[12:59] Quirk: and the Grace potion puts me over the edge
[13:00] Quirk: hmm, question is whether to run round the right as well
[13:01] Quirk: now I'm using my potions
[13:01] Quirk: I'm recollecting last time they ran out just as I exited
[13:01] Nivim: You only need potion once you got too close to Morgoth.
[13:01] Quirk: and a few turns extra would have been a big difference
[13:01] Quirk: but I can probably afford to lose this one
[13:01] Nivim: I'm wondering why you didn't even finish the left.
[13:02] Quirk: the top left will have a bunch of guys in it
[13:02] Nivim: And is Gorthaur one of them?
[13:02] Quirk: if he is he's out of line of sight so likely not an issue
[13:02] Nivim: There are a couple places you can recover Voice in peace, right?
[13:03] Nivim: So you can Lorien/Silence for immense saftey.
[13:03] Quirk: yeah, I can do it in here I think
[13:03] Quirk: Easterling spies I don't love poking round
[13:03] Quirk: they have huge perception
[13:03] Nivim: Can't you overcome them back when you had 13 stealth and 20 Song? My assassin could avoid them that way.
[13:04] Nivim: Hi Gamil Zirak; we have no forges for you.
[13:04] Quirk: hmm, secret door must be at the back of the chest?
[13:04] Nivim: Secret door?
[13:04] Quirk: nope
[13:04] Quirk: there's a secret passage behind Morgoth
[13:04] Quirk: should come out somewhere round here
[13:04] Nivim: There isn't an entrance there I've ever seen.
[13:05] Nivim: Only Morgoth digging makes a path.
[13:05] Quirk: ah, does it go round the back?
[13:05] Nivim: Yeah.
[13:05] Quirk: makes sense
[13:05] Quirk: okay
[13:05] Nivim: Also, why are you not singing so close to Morgoth?
[13:05] Quirk: going to go up to the top to explore the right
[13:05] Nivim: K.
[13:06] Nivim: What's your current stat-stick?
[13:06] Nivim: Yeah that's better.
[13:06] Quirk: Dagmor. +Grace.
[13:06] Quirk: and light
[13:07] Nivim: Which Balrog?
[13:07] Quirk: lucky that wasn't an alarm trap
[13:07] Nivim: Yeah, you're being quite cavalier with the open spaces.
[13:07] Nivim: Normally I'd wait a turn every three or four steps.
[13:07] Quirk: yeah, this is reasonable
[13:08] Quirk: I've not triggered a trap in ages
[13:08] Quirk: so am getting a bit cavalier now
[13:08] rodent: I'm not sure what the fearless personality does, but it certainly seems fitting
[13:08] Nivim: rodent: Gives you a pip of rFear, and a couple other things?
[13:09] Gwarl: I have even better stealth and resists now
[13:09] Quirk: hmm recharging
[13:09] Quirk: but what to recharge
[13:09] rodent: not to mention 500+ HP at clvl 28
[13:09] Quirk: I have a lot of Revelations
[13:09] Gwarl: time for icky cave or lonely mountain or giant's hall
[13:09] Quirk: Freedom maybe? Warding?
[13:10] Gwarl: yes the HP is nice too
[13:10] Nivim: Quirk: A slumbing and even more Rev? In case you need to go back down?
[13:10] rodent: icky cave is the dullest but also the least deathy
[13:10] Quirk: yeah, more Rev never hurts
[13:10] Nivim: I guess Warding is ok, but I never remember to use it.
[13:10] Quirk: I feel like I should be able to safeguard an escape route with it
[13:10] Gwarl: I have things that can be acidated by formless spawns
[13:10] Nivim: Gwarl: I'd do Lonely mountain; you at least have the resists.
[13:10] Gwarl: yeah
[13:10] Gwarl: okay
[13:10] Nivim: Quirk: Oh! That is a decen idea, just hard.
[13:11] Gwarl: we'll resume this broadcast after a short intermission
[13:11] Nivim: Need at least six charges and carefully moving some creatures?
[13:11] Quirk: at the very least I could make some spaces by the stairs
[13:11] Nivim: Um, spaces by the stairs is really bad.
[13:11] Nivim: You can kill yourself that way.
[13:11] Quirk: ah yes, they'll sit on the stairs instead
[13:12] Nivim: Yeah, that'll ruin your pacifist run unless you drag Morgoth over to break the runes.
[13:12] Nivim: The Warding is to keep things from entering doorways, or to keep them from closing ranks in the main room.
[13:12] Nivim: But you need to completely surround a doorway for it really help.
[13:13] Quirk: yeah
[13:13] Quirk: okay, I think I'll spread things out
[13:13] Nivim: Unless you have a particular Warding plan.
[13:13] Nivim: Otherwise Slumber + Rev.
[13:13] Quirk: or I could drop warding
[13:13] Quirk: and take the recharge
[13:13] Nivim: I wouldn't.
[13:13] Quirk: yeah, it's more options
[13:14] Quirk: I feel like Freedom may be relevant on the ascent
[13:14] Nivim: A bit, but you don't have enough Will to close chasms with it, so not very often.
[13:15] Quirk: could buy Channeling
[13:15] Quirk: it's about 800 XP
[13:15] Nivim: Wait, what are you other Will abilities?
[13:15] Nivim: Oh, you got away without will.
[13:15] Nivim: Neat.
[13:15] Quirk: nothing in Will so far
[13:15] Nivim: Normally I get Will earlier so I can safely use-ID potions, but you have Loremaster, so that's fine.
[13:15] Quirk: yeah, it's probably not a reliable chasm closer
[13:16] Quirk: okay, going to head back and use the horn
[13:16] Nivim: For reliable chasm closing you'd need something like 8 points in Will plus Channeling?
[13:16] Nivim: Oh, not going to check the room SE of Morgoth?
[13:17] Quirk: yeah, which I could maybe afford
[13:17] Nivim: Can't spend that XP yet; you might still need it for something else.
[13:17] Quirk: I don't think I'll be escaping that way
[13:17] Nivim: It's an option ,though.
[13:17] Quirk: but sure, for completeness, if you like
[13:17] Nivim: Quirk: Not escaping; seeing if there's something that'll pop out.
[13:17] Nivim: Also yes I do care about completeness.
[13:18] Nivim: Remember to close doors when you're done.
[13:18] Quirk: yeah
[13:18] Quirk: on the way back
[13:18] Quirk: Armour is nice-ish
[13:18] Nivim: K.
[13:18] Quirk: but I think I like Terror/Exchange Places more
[13:19] Nivim: Yeah, you'd need to buy exchange places if you switched armour.
[13:19] Quirk: hmm, something dark in there
[13:19] Nivim: A dark creature.
[13:19] Quirk: or maybe a dark artifact
[13:19] Quirk: in any case I doubt I care
[13:20] Nivim: Almost a cloak of Jack of Shadows.
[13:20] Quirk: Stealth is nice. But it means giving up Warmth.
[13:20] Quirk: didn't see much that requires Warmth though.
[13:21] Nivim: I don't have a good enough judge on how much those extra stealth points will help you to advise.
[13:21] Nivim: I know it'll be hard for anything frosty to be awake enough for you, though.
[13:21] Quirk: Okay, going to swap out, Stealth probably more generally relevant. My Stealth is bad enough to wake Morgoth. That didn't happen on my previous runs.
[13:21] Nivim: Ow, Slow.
[13:21] Quirk: it's heavier :P
[13:22] Quirk: however I'll be lighter by some potions shortly
[13:22] Quirk: ah wait, I still had the cloak in my inventory, all is well
[13:23] Quirk: Okay.
[13:23] Gwarl: back
[13:23] Quirk: time to drink a bunch of potions
[13:23] Quirk: and blow the horn
[13:24] Quirk: Strength can wait until I'm at the crown
[13:24] Quirk: ditto dex since I have just one
[13:25] Nivim: Did Morgoth not wake? Or did he on the shout?
[13:25] Quirk: He's back asleep again whether he woke or not.
[13:25] Quirk: So I guess I need another blast.
[13:26] Quirk: he's unwary
[13:26] Nivim: He is rolling poorly when you want him not to be.
[13:26] Quirk: I feel like I would like to have Mastery
[13:26] Quirk: however, I think I have to hit him with the horn again
[13:26] Nivim: He should go to sleep with a shot of Lorien?
[13:26] Nivim: s/should/shouldn't/
[13:27] Quirk: maybe I sleep the guys next to me again before I blow it
[13:27] Quirk: oh, now he's singing
[13:27] Nivim: Yeah, you don't want him actively working on it, just passively.
[13:27] Nivim: I think it's a penalty of him going to Unwary instead of Confident.
[13:27] Quirk: hrm, another blast? this is getting tricky
[13:28] Nivim: I'm not sure if he'll stop singing with anther blast.
[13:28] Quirk: he has noticed me at least
[13:28] Quirk: let's try Lorien
[13:29] Nivim: Well, he knows.
[13:29] Quirk: let's hope he comes to get me
[13:29] Nivim: Instead of just standing there and singing about You Lose?
[13:29] Quirk: good stuff Morgoth
[13:29] Nivim: He's getting ready for the Song you're immune to.
[13:29] Nivim: Very Confident of him.
[13:30] Nivim: Not far enough?
[13:30] Quirk: He's asleep and I think that's far enough.
[13:31] Quirk: Going to nip round the side passage.
[13:31] Quirk: or not
[13:31] Nivim: The other way?
[13:31] Nivim: There sometimes isn't a band up there.
[13:31] Nivim: I would have taken the direct route while buffed, though.
[13:31] Quirk: yeah, I can try to Silence right past him
[13:31] Quirk: still pretty buff
[13:32] Quirk: okay, sharpness I think
[13:33] Quirk: I can maybe get one without Sharpness.
[13:33] Nivim: (Not having free action when stuff wakes up would be kinda bad, though.)
[13:33] Nivim: Oh, try it.
[13:33] Quirk: ugh, let's get the rolls window active
[13:33] Nivim: May or may not want to open the rolls window.
[13:33] Nivim: Yeah.
[13:34] Quirk: ooh, close
[13:34] Quirk: but that was a high roll from me
[13:34] Quirk: I can maybe do it with the other axe
[13:36] Quirk: I think Sharpness is needed
[13:36] Nivim: If you don't want your buffs to expire, yeah.
[13:36] Quirk: either that or I could spend it on Melee
[13:36] Quirk: but that won't get me three, just one
[13:37] Nivim: It's amazing how you keep getting rolls where dam is the same as protetion.
[13:37] Nivim: That worked.
[13:37] Nivim: Next one?
[13:37] Quirk: need a place to put them
[13:37] Nivim: You will when you switch rings?
[13:38] Nivim: Yeah, that works.
[13:38] Nivim: Destroying Dramborleg first?
[13:38] Quirk: yeah, I need to crit with it for it to be as good as the other axe
[13:38] Quirk: and my melee is terrible
[13:39] Quirk: Okay. Number three.
[13:39] Nivim: So, time to consider a moment for when everything goes to hell?
[13:39] Quirk: let's think for a second
[13:39] Nivim: Yay.
[13:39] Quirk: I'll want Mastery.
[13:39] Nivim: Morgoth can slow you on the turn you pry it, right?
[13:40] Quirk: plausibly yes
[13:40] Nivim: Another speed potion, then? You've faffed a bit.
[13:40] Quirk: I'm contemplating drinking more Grace and Con because those running out would be potentially very bad
[13:40] Quirk: yeah
[13:40] Quirk: okay, so rebuff to be sure
[13:41] Nivim: Just a bit; maybe even use the Dex.
[13:41] Quirk: then Mastery, hide, Lorien/Silence
[13:41] Nivim: Sounds good.
[13:41] Quirk: Okay. Let's do it.
[13:41] Nivim: I wonder about what might step in bad places when you mastery though; I think the things near the doorway can still move?
[13:41] Quirk: yeah, warding might have been a bright idea there
[13:42] Nivim: Sorta; it's difficult with the door itself, since you don't want things moving on it, but a rune might prevent them from moving off just as well.
[13:42] Nivim: Ah, no singing yet.
[13:42] Nivim: I guess he probably wont start next turn either, if you Mastery.
[13:43] Quirk: I still have Silence in operation
[13:43] Quirk: it'll shut his singing down well
[13:43] Quirk: I could even try Lorien here
[13:43] Quirk: no, let's not
[13:43] Nivim: How do you finagle the interface?
[13:44] Nivim: Should we turn off the rolls window again?
[13:44] Quirk: Had to shut the song down then start again with a new major theme
[13:44] Quirk: yeah
[13:44] Quirk: contemplating Lorien here
[13:45] Nivim: This does look bad, although I can't see it all.
[13:45] Quirk: Morgoth is still moving a little with Mastery
[13:45] Quirk: I think it's okay
[13:45] Nivim: Is there a big darkness right beside you?
[13:45] Nivim: (Does ctrl-R work in Sil like it does in other angbands?)
[13:45] Quirk: No, I think it's the edge of Ungoliant's darkness
[13:46] Quirk: ctrl-R
[13:46] Nivim: Ah, much better than what I first saw.
[13:46] Nivim: I thought Ungoliant was right beside you.
[13:46] Nivim: Ouch, finally hit with the slow.
[13:47] Nivim: You lasted a long time without Free Action.
[13:47] Quirk: ah yes
[13:47] Nivim: Oh, wait; that was really the potion running out?
[13:47] Nivim: That seems so lucky.
[13:47] Nivim: Now, how careful can you be here?
[13:48] Nivim: Assume Morgoth will Crit his next perception roll.
[13:48] Quirk: okay, I can Silence my way past here I think, maybe up the far right side
[13:49] Nivim: Drat.
[13:49] Quirk: ah
[13:49] Nivim: Wrong critter.
[13:49] Quirk: those could be bad
[13:49] Nivim: Exchange anyway?
[13:49] Nivim: They don't do damage, just lots of hunger?
[13:49] Quirk: their perception is pretty bad luckily
[13:49] Nivim: Or do you have food?
[13:49] Quirk: I don't have food sadly
[13:50] Nivim: Oh, then they could kill you; it lands a hit, then you fail to find food.
[13:50] Nivim: Oh, nice!
[13:50] Nivim: They don't get a free attack while unwary!
[13:50] Nivim: (You presumeably knew this, but I did not.)
[13:50] Nivim: You can't see upshafts in normal Sil, can you?
[13:50] Quirk: hmm, I can see Exchange Places doing a lot of work here
[13:51] Quirk: nope sadly
[13:51] Nivim: Going to [l]ook everywhere for them, or just use stairs?
[13:51] Quirk: was going to use stairs but it turns out Morgoth is on these ones
[13:51] Nivim: You can sleep him, right?
[13:51] Quirk: not exchanging places with him
[13:51] Quirk: yeah, but if he's in the corridor could be bad
[13:52] Nivim: There's more corridors.
[13:52] Nivim: You just want him not bothering you.
[13:52] Nivim: Hah.
[13:52] Quirk: lucky
[13:52] Nivim: TY Morgy.
[13:52] Gwarl: yess found a worthy mount I can actually ride
[13:52] Gwarl: skeletal tyrannosaurus
[13:53] Nivim: Quirk: You want (a)uto, right?
[13:53] Nivim: If you're looking for shafts?
[13:54] Nivim: You basically just making sure to point it through each room.
[13:54] Nivim: s/ing/e/
[13:54] Quirk: yeah, auto is sometimes a wee bit easy to miss with I think
[13:54] Quirk: but no nearby shafts anyway
[13:54] Nivim: Depends on how used to it you are.
[13:55] Nivim: (Gah, bio-break; don't die without me.)
[13:58] Nivim: The all-upshaft change is really amazing, isn't it?
[13:59] Nivim: More clear how much so when you once again experience without.
[13:59] Quirk: yeah, I haven't had any complaints about that change at all
[14:00] Nivim: Did you already [l]ook at least for the nearby rooms?
[14:00] Nivim: Mind your Voice.
[14:00] Quirk: yeah, I need to drop a potion now I think
[14:00] Quirk: I have enough I think it makes sense to spend them
[14:01] Nivim: I think it would be worth it to check the rooms in room-radius 2.
[14:01] Quirk: yeah, maybe
[14:02] Nivim: Wait, you see your cursor, right?
[14:02] Quirk: yeah
[14:02] Nivim: Ok. Was worried an option was off, but it's just spectators that can't see it.
[14:02] Fnord: I see it fine
[14:03] Quirk: ah, it's a shadow
[14:03] Quirk: great
[14:03] Nivim: Does it do less damage with all your light radius?
[14:03] Nivim: Or just not extra damage like fire brand and such?
[14:04] Quirk: not sure
[14:04] Quirk: not going to check right now
[14:04] Nivim: Wonderous Exchange Places.
[14:05] Quirk: with this much Lorien
[14:05] Quirk: it's very nice
[14:05] Quirk: 3K XP
[14:05] Quirk: could get Sprinting
[14:05] Nivim: Not sure it will matter, but you can if you like.
[14:05] Nivim: Also, I'd leave off silence more often than you, just because it reduces your Listen radius.
[14:06] Quirk: I'll keep the XP in case I need it
[14:06] Quirk: this is true, but Silence keeps me free of shadows and other uglies
[14:06] Nivim: Like for Freedom Channeling?
[14:06] Nivim: Ah, that makes sense.
[14:07] Quirk: Lorien, so good
[14:07] Nivim: Also 33 Song.
[14:07] Nivim: Shaft check, I think.
[14:07] Quirk: that helps
[14:08] Gwarl:
[14:08] Gwarl: hopefully one of those is an upgrade
[14:08] Nivim: Gwarl: Is this Jewellery Vault a new one?
[14:09] Gwarl: none of the vaults are my work
[14:10] Nivim: Quirk: Lucky with a shaft at the start then not after.
[14:11] Quirk: yeahh
[14:11] Quirk: stair is some way away
[14:11] Nivim: Is it?
[14:11] Nivim: I thought it was left?
[14:11] Nivim: Bah, my mistake.
[14:11] Quirk: nope, far right
[14:11] Quirk: could scum with another Revelations charge
[14:12] Nivim: You could.
[14:12] Nivim: You have enough still, right?
[14:12] Quirk: 13 charges
[14:12] Quirk: at 450
[14:12] Quirk: I think safeish?
[14:12] Nivim: Yeah.
[14:12] Quirk: better
[14:12] Nivim: I wonder what gave you that extra 100 XP; perhaps the crown was good?
[14:13] Quirk: Staff of entrapment
[14:13] Nivim: Oh, unseen?
[14:13] Quirk: yeah
[14:13] Nivim: Levels getting small.
[14:13] Nivim: Also a terrible place for morgoth and friends.
[14:14] Nivim: I thought Morgoth would have to come from the stair? Does he just generate on level?
[14:14] Nivim: Also, watch the Voice.
[14:14] Nivim: Oh, you did.
[14:13] Quirk: I guess he must just generate somewhere
[14:13] Quirk: he isn't coming down from above anyway
[14:13] Nivim: Exchange doesn't work with immobiles?
[14:13] Quirk: oh hey can I exchange places with a Nightthorn?
[14:13] Quirk: just assumed no, I will take scratches though
[14:16] Nivim: Ah, oh well.
[14:17] Nivim: Another shaft check, just in case?
[14:17] Nivim: This is chasmy.
[14:18] Quirk: think the route is safe
[14:18] Quirk: nope
[14:18] Nivim: You didn't spot it?
[14:18] Quirk: boots of leaping? :)
[14:18] Quirk: no, I missed it
[14:19] Nivim: You don't need !Voice every single time, you know.
[14:19] Quirk: Miruvor will restore also
[14:19] Quirk: I could be a little slower and more careful, but I think there's more chance of me slipping up that way
[14:20] Quirk: hmmm
[14:20] Nivim: Yeah, annoying.
[14:20] Nivim: Presumeably you'll go around.
[14:21] Quirk: Close now
[14:21] Nivim: Sorta.
[14:23] Quirk: hmm
[14:23] Nivim: Not a good stair brigade, but you could just walk in.
[14:23] Nivim: With songs, that is.
[14:24] Quirk: Exchange Places is pretty good
[14:24] Nivim: Yes, there are reasons people regularily take it for the ascent.
[14:24] Nivim: (Possibly also reasons why it has its own key.)
[14:26] Nivim: Morgoth was apparently conviced you were hiding in that one room.
[14:27] Nivim: Reached surface with one potion of Voice, followed by a bunch of Rauko.
[14:27] Quirk: right :)
[14:27] Quirk: and a lot of unused Miruvor
[14:27] Quirk: guess I suck up the spiked pit, or leap it
[14:27] Quirk: I don't want to sully my record with evasion
[14:28] Nivim: Your character is surprisingly bad at traps despite that Perception score.
[14:28] Quirk: yeah
[14:28] Quirk: roost
[14:28] Nivim: I guess it's because you never wait.
[14:28] Quirk: hrm
[14:28] Nivim: Which only produces things you can put to sleep.
[14:29] Nivim: You could put them to sleep back when you might them, right?
[14:29] Nivim: s/ight/et/
[14:29] Quirk: yeah, exchange places will work
[14:29] Quirk: Gwarl?
[14:29] Quirk: About to win Sil.
[14:29] Quirk: With a pacifist.
[14:29] Gwarl: cool
[14:30] rodent: congratulations Quirk!
[14:30] Nivim: Now save that character sheet.
[14:30] Gwarl: ah!
[14:30] Gwarl: I get it
[14:30] Gwarl: just a sec
[14:30] Fnord: Grats Quirk!
[14:30] Quirk:
[14:31] Nivim: And not a single hit was given.
[14:31] Quirk: Not a single hit.
[14:31] Quirk: No evasion, no melee, no will, no smithing.
[14:32] Quirk: oh, no archery either
[14:32] Quirk: just a lot of sneaky singing
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