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Having played around a bit with Sindar Doriath now I'm not sold on a Song of Lorien start. It feels stronger on the first few levels, but as you get into Warg and Easterling depth, enemy perception and will increase steeply from 1s and 2s into 6s and 7s, and it's no longer so easy to soothe aroused enemies back to sleep - they see you sooner and are slower to put to sleep. More stealth is needed not to be spotted, but without investing in perception you end up at Warg depth without Listen and that feels very fragile.

Making a comparison run with my usual style again it occurs to me how much time is spent in corners of crowded areas waiting for enemies to file past. This requires quite a bit of stealth to be safe, preferably not completely tied to Song of Silence.

That doesn't mean that Sindar Doriath might not be the better choice in the long run - pacifist means a heavy investment in the Song tree - but I think the difference between -1 and 0 Str becomes relevant once you're boosting it to tunnel later, and the extra Grace point also makes a difference in terms of Voice; this possibly outweighs the experience boost for me.

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