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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
2.9.4alpha incorporated the reportedly controversial JLE patch so 2.9.3 was arguably the last 'old' angband. Although having played some variants based on 2.8.1, and then playing 2.9.3, I suspect 2.8.1 was also more difficult.. (but won't compile until I pick up more tricks)
I think by the time JLE was incorporated, it wasn't super controversial... it had been around for a few years already by that point. But like any significant change not everyone liked it. The spell list was significantly revised too - once every 17 years seems quite like a good pace to me.

The idea of anything older than 2.8.1 fills me with mild horror
After I removed Lua, the code from 3.0.6 closely resembled the code from 2.9.3. And there were a *lot* of cleanups after that. For example, the #defines around the custom int types were horrendous. I spent ages ripping out code for systems that were dead already 12 years ago and simplifying stuff, so it's funny to see you doing the same thing now, for the same platforms... But all that code was needed to get things working for someone, somewhere, on a some mainframe. It's funny now the dust has settled, desktop computers have peaked, and Windows/Mac/Linux are the only three platforms anyone cares about supporting, but at one point that didn't seem like an obvious outcome. O diversity has reduced a lot.

And it blows my sometimes that bits of Angband have existed in three different languages (probably more than one version of Pascal, and then C and Lua) over four decades. Ben Harrison did a very good job of turning code that still resembled the Moria - that was written in Pascal - into something readable. Even if by modern software engineering practices it's a total nightmare.
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