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Message handling patch for Angband 3.1.2r1980

Hi all.

I've fiddled around for a few days with trying to fix some issues with the predefined colors for messages. I'll just post the readme and a screenshot. I think it's kinda nifty with a slim use of message.prf to just color dangerous events. In the screenshot of my message window I had played around in wizard mode for a while and the color scheme is a little bit off, but you get the idea.

I'll attach the patch here or send it to the dev's or both later on.

Message handling patch for Angband 3.1.2r1980
by Tomas Dedorson (Twilight).

This patch makes the code use the available msg_types so
/lib/pref/message.prf and lib/xtra/sound/sound.cfg can get
maximum use.

This fixes several issues with messages not using message
types for color. For instance melee messages weren't
functioning properly, breaths couldn't be configured etc.

What this means is that almost all 150 message type colors
can be defined in message.prf and be useful. This is not only
aestetically pleasing, but you can configure it to only highlight
dangerous events like shrieks, create traps, summons, specific
breaths or whatnot.

As a sidenote if you're one of those who wants soundeffects
you can configure the same messagetypes in sound.cfg and the
sounds will be played as well. Or you could download the
Dubtrain Sound Pack linked from the Angband homepage

lib/pref/message.prf has been initialized with all possible
message types.
attack.c Message handling and also a grammar bug.
cmd-obj.c Corrected message type using a staff.
cmd3.c Message handling.
dungeon.c Message handling.
effects.c Message handling.
spells2.c Message handling.
monster/melee2.c Message handling.
object/obj-util.c Message handling.
player/timed.c Message handling.

Edit: It's kind of a lowres screenshot. Hope its viewable.
I guess the patch should have been called message color patch.
To be clear: this patch does not change anything gameplay-wise, but
makes the game make full use of message.prf.
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