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Originally Posted by d_m View Post
Hey there,

Patch seems good. I did some clean-up and tweaks to it but overall it seems solid.

It has been committed as r1981.

I didn't commit the heavily colorized version of message.prf because I thought some of the colors were too distracting or hard to read (e.g. the purple identify messages). But overall I've been playing with the patch for a bit and it seems nice. Thanks!

Yeah - I went a little overboard when trying out message coloring. I'll probably settle down with some (bright) colors for status changes (poisoned, buffs etc), shrieks, create traps, pseudoid and maybe some more. For my personal message.prf that is. In short - messages I don't want to miss.

A feature suggestion:

Making message color configurable ingame, like visuals. This would make it much quicker to see how it'll look. With grouping of the message types. For instance: player attacks, monster breaths, spells and attacks, status changes and misc.

Edit: A somewhat minimalistic approach to the default Vanilla message.prf must be the right way to go IMO. Not saying that some colorization may/should not be done, but not go overboard.
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