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Originally Posted by ewert View Post

It seems:
If you have two lines with A:xx:yy to zz, only the latter one is handled. The same with E: lines, only the latter one is handled. I tried a E:xxx | yyy too, doesn't work.

Should having say:

A:100:1 to 29
A:20:30 to 100

work so that the item gets more rare at 30? It'd be useful for being able to finetune item rarities which I'm trying to do for myself. Also being able to add multiple effects would be nice. Seems most items are actually "hardcoded" effects not stuff you can edit in the object.txt, which is kinda sad considering "easyvariantsy" stuff for things like making different items in there.
Interesting - quite a major bug, if it is confirmed. I have opened ticket #1173 to track this.

At the moment only one E: line is supported, but the effects framework is about to come under discussion and may end up moved to an external file as you (and others) have suggested.
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