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Over on the other thread, someone (Timo?) suggested that the format for the A: line is, one line only, using | as the separator. So I repeated the test I described in town, with pebbles set to

A:100:0 to 10 | 10:11 to 50

and iron shots set to A:100:0 to 100.

This loads, so clearly the code allows the format. In testing in town (where I have all the critters with DROP_4 and ONLY_ITEM for this) I was getting basically equal amounts of pebbles and that appears to be working correctly.

The second part is harder to test, simply because the drops are harder to narrow down...tried a couple things that didn't work, but I think I have a test that will work.

a) Read object.txt, and rewrite ALL A: lines as, say,
A:10:0 to 20 | 15:21 to 100
Easy to do this with a small chunk of code.

b) Then hand-edit in the various types so that specific weapons, armors, etc. get specific tweaks, to either
A:100:0 to 20 | 15:21 to 100 or
A:10:0 to 20 | 100:21 to 100

This should create radical distribution shifts.
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