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I'm currently using a file that has the edits changed into the | format, it loads, but not sure if it is just RNG or what messing with me, I'm seeing zero stat potions, augmentation, even though for example have seen lots of xp potions, lots of rare rods etc. Difference is, stat potions are in after the | defined level range, whereas those already rare and deep level items have only the basic A: line. (I'm farming around dlvl96)

So far it just feels it is not working right. My char is a mage, and you'd think I would see more healing and augmentation potions, as I had healing allocation up to 200 (twice that of enlightenment and augment), and I stair scummed with detect enchantment a LOOOOOT of vaults, and zero stat potions, aug potions, healing potions.

Something is still wacky, or then RNG is reallllly messing with me.

edit: Just farmed some more, and remembered that there was something wrong with chests about item generation. So THAT is how I've seen those low lvl items, not because they still had some allocation in the deep levels, but because the chests spawned them. I'm now 90+% sure that using the A: line with | does not work properly. It ignores the rest and uses only the first x:y to z range.

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