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A perhaps overly ambitious project would be to make *all* messages have a type, even if default, for maximum flexibility in making color-(sound-) schemes.

I realized there was a lot of the message-handling not using the "type-function(s)" when I was going through the code for this patch ... and I concentrated on fixing the message-types that were currently implemented when making it.

I for one am just more into playing the game (and other non-angband (gasp!) stuff) atm and this would probably task my c-coding skills, since I've never worked with coding outside of back in my uni-days and in home-projects. On the other hand if one of the devs (or someone else) think this is worth their time this is my semi-official feature-suggestion.

I might get the itch to make a go at it in the future though.

On another note - a new default message.prf, however conservative, would be nice. Compare with how colors have come to be utilized in monster memory/lists.

Another ambitious project would be to implement an ingame editor of message-handling colors a la visuals.

Oh well. Enough of my rambling and back to *banding.
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