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Originally Posted by zaimoni View Post
Once you have reasonable access to some form of Detect Traps, there really is no point to "reset recall level" in any form since it's completely controllable anyway.
Simply not true, the prompt is a potential (though rarely so) lifesaver for inexperienced/unspoiled players who dived too deep, and managed to live to tell the tale. Having to climb to safety once, not on every recall is good thing. In removing the prompt I would want all recalls to "reset".

The prompt is just a hassle when you're intentionally oscillating between two DL's because you don't think you're ready for the next one.
By "hassle" we are talking about hitting one extra key once per dive, of course...actually more hassle for those players who have chronic stair-scummitis, a good thing in my book! =)

@K.I.L.E.R:- "learn from your mistake" is all well and good, but without major use of spoilers, or tedious note-taking, who in the 9 hells can learn the native depths of all monsters so well that after a long break from the game they still have full depth-savvy upon replay?
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