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New 8x16 Graphical Tile Set for 3.1.2v2

Okay, this has been my main project for a while: a rectangular tile set that can be used without switching to bigtile mode. Tiles are made 16x16 so they can be swapped in for the existing Adam Bolt set without any need to edit the source, but are intended for display at 8x16 font size.

Scale is obviously pretty teeny, so I've tried to keep things clean and simple; as much as possible I've incorporated the original ASCII colours and tried to use the same basic template for monsters within a letter group, so hopefully things should be semi-familiar and take less time to pick up.

This is the first playable version, so some of the graphics are still a bit rough, and I'm likely to keep fiddling with them to see if I can come up with better. There's theoretically both a Windows and a Mac version, though the latter hasn't been tested. You should be able to grab the zip file ( from here:

Testers appreciated and opinions solicited! What's good, what's bad, what's ugly?
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