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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
The trouble is that there is now essentially no way to get RNether reliably.
Hmm -- in 3.0.9 the artifact sources are Narya, the One, Bladeturner, Soulkeeper, Himring (armor), the Crown, Dal-i-thalion, Melkor, Ulmo, Olorin, Fundin, Eowyn. The current 3.0.10 takes it away from both rings. I don't see any guaranteed ego sources (just the usual random resists).

So, aside from weapons and unavailable sources, we are left with Soulkeeper, Himring, and Dal-i-thalion. Himring is fairly specialized (poison, nether, chaos, no bonus), Soulkeeper is rather rare (cold, dark, nether, nexus, chaos, conf, fear), and Dal-i-thalion offers no speed (only nether, chaos, confusion). Interesting that they all protect from chaos...

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