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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
That's fixed in the version Old Coach is playing (the one announced in this thread). The randart generator is arthritic, but it now copes with all of fin/prow, pval slays and multiple pvals. Coach's randart is quite tame for one that has aggravate.Not without critical hits he won't have been. The 53 includes crits, and I think non-critical base damage is quite a lot lower. I am thinking that crits might need to be capped after all.
Aside from some minor tweaking with the crit system, I think that it is balance fairly well. My CL 26 warrior just spent a good amount of time bashing a Mithril Golem at DL 26. It was hard to do damage without a crit. Took lots of swings, but it felt about right. I imagine that a mage would just have to walk away from this battle. Much better flavor wise than before when you could just grind up a golem with your whip or bow and arrow.

Speaking of crits, IMHO crits should be more spectacular and less frequent than they are now. Angband is such a long game that you are swinging tens of thousands of times. Crit hits are pretty normal for high level fighter types.

If you put in a cap for crits, would it be possible to leave it off for the warrior? Maybe it is my DND background coming through, but I always thought that the Warrior class should be afforded a higher level crit than other classes when in melee. I am not sure how hard it would be to code. I guess that the ranger should get the *SUPERB* crit for ranged attacks and the rogue could get *SUPERB* for thrown. Where have I played a game like that before? Ahhh. Wizardry 7 and 8.

Anyway, I think the absorption armor is balance pretty good for warriors up through lvl 26.
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