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Running the latest version there seems to be something wrong with brands/slays.
I'm not sure if it is just a display problem or not, but using:
Sapphire Great Hammer of Slay Evil (8d1) (+48,+46) <+50..>
+1 strength, tunneling.
Slays animals (x1.48), evil creatures (x1.50).
Branded with frost (x1.48).
Provides protection from blindness.
Can be destroyed by acid, fire.

Combat info:
Receives 10% of your finesse score, 90% of your prowess score.
1.2 blows/round.
2.4x damage multiplier.
Average damage/round: 25.2 vs. normal creatures, 35.4 vs.
creatures made of stone, 40.5 vs. animals, 40.7 vs. evil
creatures, 40.5 vs. creatures not resistant to cold.

I get messages like:
You hit Ufthak of Cirith Ungol
You hit the Hill orc
You hit the green worm mass
You hit the Cave spider
You hit the Zombified human
You freeze the Rock lizard
You freeze the Black mamba
You hit the Giant white mouse
You freeze the Large grey snake
You hit the fruit bat
You hit the Cold hound.

Not absolutely sure, but it looked like freeze was the only applied brand and the slays were never applied.

Still, otherwise it actually seems fairly balanced. Looking forward to the new archery.

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