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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Intentional on my part, though others may disagree with my reasoning. Whips suck as weapons for killing people.

That, however, is a bug. Good catch.

No idea what's going on here. Sounds like the artifact didn't properly inherit balance and heft from the Beaked Axe base type. The bugginess you saw regarding being unable to take a blow probably has to do with breaking the assumption that it doesn't take more than 100 energy to take 1 blow; normally this should never happen.
This is a very interesting bug - Coach, do you have a savefile with that randart? Better still, do you have the randart.log file?

@jevansau: yes, there may well be a bug in improve_attack_modifier(), the function that picks which brand or slay to apply. Again, if you can post a savefile with that weapon, we can try to debug it.

Thanks for the feedback folks. I don't have a problem with warriors having more or better crits than other classes (and ditto rangers for archery crits), but like Derakon would prefer this as a natural consequence of the system rather than hard-coded limits for other classes. There's still plenty of room to play around with the mechanics to achieve this.
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