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I found a RANDart that is a morning star with base damage 3d6. Is there a flag (or rune) that gives the weapon the additional die of damage or is it based off of an artifact? They are usually 2d6.

With CL 28 warrior I am getting crit hits about 40% of the time. Most of them are good, with a logical decrease in frequency down to the fairly rare "*SUPERB*". 40% is still a little too frequent for my liking, since I assume this value will only increase as my prowess and finesse increase with level and better equipment.

I have a ring of Fire that brands weapons. It appears to be working with my weapon. Do ring brands stack their power with the weapon's brand? I have yet to find a firebrand weapon (since picking up the ring) to test this.

Trying out the new shockbolt graphics. whenever a double height monster is on the screen, it's top half gets carried over whenever the screen shifts. Is this a common problem or an artifact of my system.

Thanks, as always!
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