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That's what 's great about this game, no one know's what's going to happen,I have played sangband a lot, but right now I'm playing nppangband, another great variant. Kinda the first time I've went deep into the game. Now on level 43 and I'm like ( holy *s**t*) never been down a dungeon like this that will keep you on your toes! I'd say there all like that, but I'm not all that expereinced at Angband. I love the game though...I played Moria for years when I was growing up, and still like that game. But Angaband is a whole different beast as I'm coming to find out. I have a great npp rouge that's level 36 right now on level 43, I had to use the cheat mode, to keep playing because I've died about 20 times!
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