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Don't read in to it. Just as it says turns are used the macro is just to move immediately after finishing the dig. Which currently is not possible, because there is no wait to finishing action key. I compared it to the . running key which is multiple turns, I presume, but with built in triggers. Actually from testing just now I found I could tunnel with monsters present and disturbances enabled. The trick is it only digs for one turn instead of the auto-dig up to 99 counts.

The escape would probably only apply to a dwarf or a digging ring. With my dwarf I think it said 18 turns for granite when I was wielding a pick and Looked at the ring description in the black market. Also it could be a race characteristic. Ents can crack stone pretty fast but I haven't played any variants with Ents. If your in a room or dead end off a room with some luck there will be quartz then it would be a lot less turns.

Another defensive move would be to block an entrance with rubble. Instead of the wall debris disappearing into cyberspace. It would look like piles of rubble behind which you would still have to dig through on your way out and it could be applied to all tunneling. So the debris goes someplace in game and you are automatically moved forward when tunneling.

The escape I'm referring to is only valid for monsters that don't stalk you and don't have long range vision, or they only react when you come to close or the explosive growth types which seem to follow LIFE like always alive algorithms. When I see a rot jelly I tunnel around them when they are in a hallway since senseless destruction of your food supply should be avoided. I suppose the magic users or the ring mentioned would still have wall to mud spells in the presence of monsters in only one turn depending on your dice rolls for success.

There are two more instance when I can think of digging when monster are present. A room full of weak, read .1 points, monsters that is a waste of time to kill but you see a gold vein and the same instance if you have the appropriate resistance to their attack so you just want to carry on business as usual. I seek out all treasure on every floor. Seek treasure scrolls pay for them selves.

So I guess what I am asking for upon finding now that digging is possible is still a focused digging option or key that uses all the normal turns but without any disturbances. Of course if you are hit or bashed or some spell is cast on you while your are digging it would effect that turn or stop your digging if confused or such. But my other suggestion which is more pressing for unlimited macro writing in any circumstance is still having a key for wait for count to finish or have the above mentioned auto move indirection of tunneling when successful.
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