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While I agree that the "discover what this monster is capable of" thing is interesting gameplay, at the same time it's very problematic as a source of unavoidable deaths. The first time you find a Drolem, you're unlikely to have either poison resistance or 800 HP. How are you supposed to know that carrion crawlers (and homunculi!) can paralyze you with their melee attacks? Much of Angband is about being prepared for fights and about avoiding fights you can't be prepared for, but it's difficult to do that when every monster is an unknown. I worry that our current system promotes painfully cautious play and/or the assumption that you have to die many times to win, just so you can learn what kills you.

To be clear, I'd be perfectly happy to have Angband's monster memory system (albeit probably with some tweaks about the discoverability of AC, HP, melee damage, etc.) in a game where there weren't many, many monsters capable of one-shotting the player.
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