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There's nothing wrong with this "learning by dying" system in itself. IMHO, the real problem is that it is coupled with a game in which it's slow and boring to get back to the point where you just died. Drolem breathes, you die? Oops, try again, but before that you have to replay 30 levels full green worms, [5,+0] small shields, and potions of confusion. That's why people get bored and don't start another game IMHO.

Diving helps overcoming this feeling, but it's a counterintuitive solution; instinctively, people will tend to play slower to avoid dying the next time. They'll take things slow, clear levels and grow fond of their character, of her hardly-earned small shield of resistance and her artifact dagger. And they'll be disappointed once again when she dies, because she will, no matter how slow and careful you are. Then they'll close Angband forever and move a game with the same Tolkien-like feeling, but fancier graphics and 20 save slots.
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