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Angband on Ubuntu 12.04?

I have two different Ubuntu 12.04 systems (completely different hardware) that have problems with running Angband.

The first is curses problems, with the screen not being painted properly each turn. I've been using ncurses; reading other posts on the forum leads me to believe that's the best option.

The other problem is "run" not working when holding down the shift key. It works with the period, but I'm too used to the shift-method to learn a new one now. :-(

I get a mix of symptoms, with build configurations generally exhibiting only one of the problems. I've tried compiling 3.4.1, 3.3.2, 3.3.0, and I've tried using the Angband version that Ubuntu pulls down when you install via apt-get.

Has anyone else figured out the magic set of steps needed to get Angband running happily on 12.04?
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