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Here's a better description (i.e. "corrected") of what I'm seeing. Magnate, if you still want screenshots of a specific config, let me know.

If I use SDL, then all is functional. SHIFT-DIRECTION == "run", and the screen refresh is fine. The look-and-feel doesn't do much for me, though; I prefer the ability to resize windows as offered by X11 & Curses.

If I use X11, then the screen refresh is broken, but SHIFT-DIRECTION works. Interestingly, I was playing with refresh problem in the stores, and I thought I'd started to see a pattern in the repainting problem. I stopped for a minute and stared at the screen while trying to figure it out, and as I stared at the screen my mp3 player (Audacious, fwiw) popped up a small notice above the Angband window telling me what the next song was going to be. This caused the Angband screen to be repainted completely, with all of the missing bits that I'd just triggered with my experimentation from seconds before suddenly appearing.

If I use Curses, then SHIFT-DIRECTION is broken (the UI responds with "Type '?' for help.") but the screen refresh is fine. I'm using libncurses5. I do not have any preferences or macros for the character other than the default, so I'm not sure what to look for.

The results are the same with both 3.4.1 and 3.3.2. The OS is Ubuntu 12.04.

I'd happily put in a few hours' work to get X11 or Curses working if that's what it takes.

All work was done on the console rather than via remote session.
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