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Originally Posted by Hajo View Post
If one wants to keep the "one effect per affix" rule, this look like the best idea. And allowing several effects per affix just moves the complexity to a worse place in the code.
Precisely - this is what I meant by "not really advance on the current V ego system". Moving to affixes is largely pointless if they're not atomic.
I want to add such items. I imagine that it will be difficult to rebalance the game after such changes, but to me the item concept in D2 was very interesting, one of the best parts of the game. If I ever have the time and motivation, I'd like the implement the whole system in my Angband variant, including gemmed items, runes and runewords. Once the affix system is there, those steps should be fairly easy.
The affix system currently in v4 *does* generate those items - anything which doesn't get a theme is just a random collection of affixes. Play v4 for a while at deep depths and see - you get some really D2-like items with 6+ affixes.

I too have always been interested in the possibilities of adding sockets, gems and runewords - but now for Pyrel rather than v4. Do post on how you go about this.
v4 also has changes to player knowledge and identification of item properties.
Yes, v4 moved to "rune-based ID", which was an idea proposed to Eddie Grove years ago. The premise is very simple: each ability is represented by a rune, so once you have learned Resist Fire on one item you automatically recognise it on any other type of item (because it has the same rune). The makes IDing complex items much easier, and makes ID automatic in the late game (because you know every ability rune).
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