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R.I.P Blarg VIII

Blarg VIII, the half troll, met his demise this morning. He was level 31 and made it down to level dl40. The furthest any of my characters have ever managed to get.

Everything was going great until he bumped into a new enemy named Quaker. He fought bravely and fiercely, and he almost managed to kill it, but Quaker started ripping apart the entire level. Blarg teleported away just in time, clear across to the other side of the level. Thinking he was safe, he started to explore this new section when suddenly Quaker came rushing at him. I've never seen a monster do this before and was not prepared for it.

This was my best game of angband ever. I was being really cautious, fleeing whenever things got even a little hairy. I felt unstoppable and thought I was doing really well until Quaker showed up. I was sad to lose Blarg but it was really fun trying to take that thing down.
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