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Question Question about the "Cure Light Wounds" spell

Ok, I'm a bit perplexed about the math on the CLW spell... according to the description, it says it "Cures 15% of your wounds (min 15hp)..." I'm playing a dwarf paladin, and decided to use the spell after a particularly nasty fight with Lagduf and his snaga/black orc minions. I was using the spell, but noticed that my HP didn't seem to be going up as fast as I had expected, so I payed attention to the next cast.

I was at 134/169 HP, and cast the spell... it brought me to 150/169 HP. That's a recovery of 16 HP, or 10% of my max HP (rounded down), not the 15% I was expecting. Is there a hidden detractor for being a paladin, or something else impacting the healing of this spell? Is it a typo, and supposed to be 10% instead of 15%?

I tried to search the forums for this issue, but was unable to find anything on it, so I apologize if this is a repost. Thanks for any input!

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