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Originally Posted by quarague View Post
IIRC this was done on purpose to avoid people spamming Cure light wounds spells/ potions in the final fights because these are available almost unlimited whereas the use of heal is limited by the number of potions you found or the amount of mana you have.
While your recollection might be right, it does seem like a weird basis for changing the effects of those spells. I haven't been so far as to face Sauron or Morgy yet, but from what I read, you'd have to have a TON of HP for a 15% or 20% heal spell to be able to offset the damage that those two can do, or any mid-late game uniques, for that matter.

On the other hand, I can see why a spell that only costs 2 mana for a tank-y paladin would have to have some means to prevent it from scaling too strongly as a character gains HP. While it might not be a sufficient alternative vs late-game powerhouses, it might let a character fight a battle of attrition with many other normal enemies.
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