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Originally Posted by Raxmei View Post
I thought the rationale was the opposite. The cure line of spells didn't originally scale so they became useless in the later game. Scaling by the damage you've taken is still scaling (more total HP means you can take more damage without dying) so it lets you keep using CLW later than you would have before.
It's both. Originally the cure X wounds spells didn't scale, so Cure Light Wounds was junk, Cure Serious Wounds was only useful in the early game, and Cure Critical Wounds was mainly useful for curing status effects rather than rapid healing.

Then the devs changed them to curing a % of your wounds so that they were no longer junk. This was way better, but then players discovered that the Cure Light Wounds spell was able to heal you up in a short time, and Mages and Rogues could fight just like a Priest or Paladin. So they lost the spell to keep the classes playstyles distinct.
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