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I'm not sure how much current Angband can really do in the way of a Nature realm that feels particularly nature-themed, given limited terrain and no existing mechanism for non-hostile monsters. Same problem applies to Necromancy, really: you've got Drain Life, maybe add some sort of nether blast, but what else is there? And how many new spells can we really even add that are more than renamed variations on ones that already exist?

I feel like rather than considering which new spell realms would be cool and thematic to add, it might be a better approach to consider the existing list of spells and what categories they can be subdivided into, and then figure out what kind of thematically coherent realms/classes can be built from what we've already got. As Carnivean says, Vanilla is ethos-wise the straightforward base game that variants go on to add bells and whistles to, so I'm not sure it's necessarily a good thing to be inventing new classes or spell realms if it's going to require adding new mechanics or game elements to make them work.
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