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Thoughts on 4.1.0

Got my first win in 4.1.0 and I thought I'd share some thoughts.

I played as an Elf Mage because I was worried about the lack of Identify (and I like getting 0% fail rate). However, I don't think it was really all that much of an advantage since scrolls, potions, wands, staffs, and rods still all had to be ID'd by use. One thing that worries me about ID by use for scrolls is that if I'm ever playing forced descent, I would be forced to lose several levels with deep descent and possibly with teleport level and WoR.

I was also worried about traps, specifically trap doors, but it seemed there were a lot fewer of them than in previous editions.

Overall I think it's an improvement and I want to thank Nick and team for their hard work. Now to try and get a win with a character that's not a mage or priest...
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