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Yes, I forgot Free Action also prevents slowing. I play very slowly while re-learning the game, so I don't get hit often with that one, especially so that I could swap the weapon in to test it. The !Slowness is a good hint. I need to start activating such items when I wear unidentified amulets, rings, etc., which is often the case. Perhaps I should also start triggering traps --- I need to re-learn the key to do that.

I guess I'm not used to testing things in Angband and expect it to happen naturally. It can definitely be fun and I'm slowly getting used to speeding up the process, but the unindentified weapons are a snag. Expensive identification items or services in shops would be a help in the transition period, though. I'm one of, I think many, optimizing Angband players (the 'mastery' aspect), so I'd slowly start figuring out ways to avoid buying the expensive ID.

Thank you also for the tip about question marks. I didn't figure that one out.
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