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Originally Posted by MicroChasm View Post
Some new screens for everyone interested. I've made some changes based on feedback, but I have not yet done a major revision.

New Screens
Hey there, MicroChasm (and everybody else)!

So, I came back after going MIA for more than three weeks - life got in the way some more and I admit I was far too lazy now and then to drop by and provide some (proper) criticism lol

Is it still OK to provide feedback to your tiles? I imagine you are still tweaking it, especially now that 1.5 is in beta and comes with the tileset, right?

At any rate, I do agree with most of Infinitum's feedback, this time around. The main disagreement I have with respect to his comments lay in the fact that I do not mind the serpents being reskins at all (as you rightly mentioned somewhere in this thread that there are simply far too many spiders/wolves for them to have a unique tile each, and I guess a case could be made for serpents as well).

I guess I shall emphasize the ones that strike me as most/least adequate, for the sake of making it clear:

Least adequate:

- The spiders do seem a bit too jumbled for their own good (sometimes caused by the... "geometry" (?) of their body, but mostly caused by having them look directly at the screen while all their legs rain about in front of them). Any way to work this out?

- The archers (not the orc archers, of course) look far too flimsy and monochromatic - so much so that I get a skeleton archer (granted, wearing a helmet) vibe from them. And albeit it does not bother me as much, their pose strikes me as a tad too dynamic given all else, indeed.

- The leaping creature (wolf?) tile on the third picture strikes me as a tad odd for three reasons: (1) as Infinitum mentioned, it seems a tad too dynamic given all else (but once more, this is not particularly bothersome to me); (2) its body resembles that of a muscled feline (think jaguar or similar) far more than a canine (if it is even meant to be a canine, of course); and (3) the object (a bone?) seems out of place. Could you tell us exactly what this creature and the object are?

- I am not a fan of this rendition of the wolves - they do look like hissing/startled cats. The other rendition was far better-looking, in my opinion.

- The spider trap (?) that Infinitum mentions with that spider concealed within... hmm, I am not too fond of it. The spider visage looks quite nice, but the tile as a whole seems confusing (to be fair, before reading Infinitum's take on it, I assumed it was simply another spider, made different for the sake of avoiding repeating tiles for spiders). If this is what Infinitum believes it is, is there any way to make the spider dangling over the trap?

- The two cat warriors (?) on the very last picture do not give me any "cat" vibes at all, mate - they rather make me think of gray formless humanoids (gray and humanoids would be just fine for cat warriors, but not formless lol) out of Silent Hill or similar. I refrain from making any suggestions as I do not know how they are described in-game, unfortunately.

- I like the Balrog and the palette you went for, but I have to give it up for Infinitum again: it does seem as if the Balrog has its back to the player... I mean, for me it looks like a samurai or similar (I can even perceive the pointed hat) who is either walking away or poised confidently with a leash in one hand and a sword in the other. Could you try to descibe what precisely we should be seeing here?

Most adequate:

- Herb is looking solid (shameless self-promotion, a bit lol)

- Dragon on the second pic does look sweet, indeed. Any way to work some details into it?

- Serpents, orc archers and the gray-ish spider atop said orchers looks super nice (so perhaps a simple rework of some of its legs would do).

- The bat/raven-looking creature on the pic following the one with the orc archers looks sweet - once more, I agree with Infinitum in that maybe using this sort of shape (or similar) to work the other bird-kin in the game could be an interesting idea.

- Centipede and rauko or whatever look great - perhaps panning the latter a bit could be cool.

- Rauko/grotesque on the following pic (next to the spider and the player) does look cool, but likewise panning it to an angle similar to that of the player character could be a nice take.

- Rauko on the following pic looks superb - pan it just a tad and it has the potential to be one of the best-looking tiles in the game (in my opinion, that is).

That is it from my side - cheers!

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