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Originally Posted by Stokviz View Post
Thanks, this worked great! Greatly enjoying the tileset. Two bugs I've encountered (you probably already know this) White wolf is invisible and so is the orc slavemaster.
Thanks for pointing these out. These cases were only in the original beta listing, before the release. Feel free to look for these kinds of issues in the latest version as well. Infinitum's work on finding bugs and missing tiles has been very helpful, and any other work along these lines is appreciated.

The point on the spiders is well-taken. I will look into turning one or more. I've never liked the sword spiders anyway, so that little friend is a good candidate. The new attercop monster tile is more sideways than the others as well.

I can re-evaluate the archers, especially on color and contrast. They are a bit of a relic of an earlier style that had less detail. When it comes to the pose-- adding little bits of dynamism in some tiles is fun for me, so I'm probably going to keep it in for now. It's important to have fun.

The creature in the third image is a Cat Assassin. In a way, I suppose it was successful, as you mention that it appears to be a muscled feline. Although I am kind of fond of this tile I nevertheless changed it in the beta.

The warg is not great here, agreed. New tile in the beta, though it is still in flux. I'm happier with the wolves than I am with the warg.

Check out the new trap tiles in the beta. Some are nice, some could use improvement, in my opinion. I'd be curious to see what people think.

Probably best that the creatures in the last picture don't look like cats, as they are werewolves! They are modified in the beta as well, though I plan to continue to work on them.

The balrog is our man Duruin, Least of the Balrogs. Again, the tile is somewhat changed in the beta. Duruin does indeed have a sword and a whip, and is facing to the right.

Glad you like the herb, I made sure to include one in the screenshots. You had mentioned wanting to make your own changes to the tiles early on. Now would be a good time, as we move into the beta-testing phase. The .bmp is provided in the beta release of course; filepath is Sil-Q 1.5.0-beta1\lib\xtra\graf. I've made changes since then, but this is still fairly up-to-date. If you would like the latest and greatest, let me know. I can also provide the source file if you want the original layers.
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