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[QUOTE=Sideways;150837]Greater vaults are not that rare in Normal mode, but in coffee-break getting zero or one per game is not unusual.

This ties into something I've been thinking for a while, switching from Coffee Break mode to Normal speed, and to finally go back to Wilderness on mode. I like grinding, which I guess makes Coffee-break a poor fit.

Question, can you or anyone point me to any posts or resources laying out an ideal order to tackle which dungeons?

I've only known of this one:

Edit: and another question, I'm used to instant pseudo-ID in Coffee-Break, but in my first game at Normal speed, I have to carry the item for a while to get pseudo-ID, and I think its weaker ("Enchanted" rather than "Good", "Excellent", etc). Is this an intentional differences between the two modes, or something I've screwed up in the settings? The only option I see is easy_id, but that looks too powerful.

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