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Angband 4.2.3

Angband 4.2.3 is now available for Windows, macOS and as source. It can be downloaded from the official site.

This version contains considerable bug-fixing - mostly by backwardsEric - and more class tweaks. It's also possible that the game will run faster than 4.2.2 - I'm interested to hear if this is indeed the case.

It will not be that last release in the 4.2 series - there are still code improvements going on. However there are no definite bugs outstanding (see here for the indefinite ones) and the changes since 4.2.2 make it IMHO worth a release now.

Summary of changes:
  • updates to necromancer and ranger spells
  • improvements to quiver inscriptions
  • many improvements to dungeon generation, especially robustness
  • many improvements to testing and building the game, especially with SDL2
  • make the duration of multiple timed effects exactly the same
  • allow selection for effects that used to give a random choice of effects
  • fix a bug that made radius of artifact lights too small by one
  • improvements to handling in-game information on effects
  • better documentation in datafiles
  • debugging commands now use the Angband 4 command system
  • upgrade of the NDS port to the 3DS with many improvements

As always, thanks to everyone who has contributed.
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