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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
I wouldn't necessarily use the ladder as balance feedback. There's a handful at most people regularily logging runs, and a lot of those are for bragging rights. Also I don't agree that endgame smithing is overpowered; past 850' or so is comparatively trivial for any combat build.
Depends what you consider trivial or whether you are talking about current smithing or previous version smithing. Morgoth kills are predominantly smith based. In terms of being able to grab a Sil, most reasonable builds can thrive at 850' and after, combat or not.

With regard to the ladder entries I've been there for quite a number of the higher ranked ones on I think they are reasonably representative of strong play.

Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
IIn its current form smithing ha a problem in that more smithing skill gives linear dividends, but costs are whatever a (100+200+300...) sequence is called. Then again, even if you fix that there's still the bigger problem of crafting in games just not meshing well with random loot.
Costs may be 100+200+... but this is the same for every skill and the XP handed out is floor adjusted to compensate i.e. it is not linear either. Put together skill progress vs XP is more or less linear.

Smithing dividends are not however linear in the way that investing in Evasion is. The tipping point where most gear has extra Evasion bolted on is one non-linearity, extra stat points another. With smithing kits the rewards were very much more non-linear as getting to sufficiently high Smithing meant a snowball of stat points, resistances and weapon effects.

Anyway, I think in the post smithing kit world this non-linearity has been much reduced, and I am less scared of Song builds right now, though it is far from clear they need any extra help. I will think on this a bit and probably talk to a few players.

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