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I played a little Ironman with a half-troll warrior (and it was fun). The regen was painful because of the food consumption, but sustain strength was nice. Last time I did it was in 3.0.8b, so some of this doesn't work, but my experience was that the best thing to do was not max out stats at the start to get a bit more gold (nerfed now), sell the potion of berserk strength (now worthless in the shops) and the WoR and the broadsword for cash, then stock up on a ton of food and torches, some phase doors, and buy/sell ccw/csw/clw if possible to have them ID'd ahead of time. I think my best run that way hit about clvl20. I died a lot of starvation and darkness. I'd generally pseudo ID all armor/weapons and ID scrolls/staffs/wands/potions/rods by use, which would leave me with big stacks of unknown rings because I almost never found ID. The changes to pseudo ID (magic, rather than good/bad) in 3.1.0 I imagine will make life much harder for Ironman play until you hit about dlvl 30 and excellent stuff starts dropping all over.

Would be nice if the drops of basic consumables (light/food) were higher in Ironman, but maybe that would defeat the purpose. . . Ring of slow digestion is a godsend.

Has anyone won at Ironman?
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